Tuesday, April 6, 2010


1) BEL 311
BEL 311 is quite tough because it is really different from BEL 120 and BEL 260 that I have learned before. We need to do term-paper. This is the different and new from what I have learned from the previous semester. So far, it is quite good. Sir Izuan is the lecturer who teaches us BEL 311. He actually has been teaching us for two semesters. For about two semester been teach with him I think he is the best lecturer to teach us BEL 311. Hopefully, I can score A for this subject.

2) CTU 241
CTU 241 is related to the basis system of Islamic economic. I learned more about Islamic economic in this subject. Before this I learned economic in conventional perspective in economic subject. The way my lecturer teaches is good. I have fun in her class because she always does a game before she starts her lecture. I just got the test 1 mark and it is quite good. I hope I can get A in the final soon.

3) ECO 211
ECO 211 is also known as Macroeconomics. This subject is a reading subject. I need to read more in order to score in the final. I just got quite ok in test 1. About the lecturer, she is a sporting lecturer. She always gives us quiz and sometime pop quiz. I also target A for this subject.

4) FIN 262
FIN 262 is about theory and also calculation. This subject is very interesting actually. I need to understand and memorize all the theory and formulae to answer the question. Although it looks like simple but I still nervous to sit this paper because it carry 4 credit hours. I just got B in test 1. I need study more in this subject. The lecturer is also sporting. The way she teaches is good. I hope I can get A in the final.

5) QMT 216
This subject introduces the basic statistical concept in business applications. This subject is easy actually if we remember all the formulae. As for now, I just got moderate result in test 1. I hope I can score high mark in test2 and final soon. She is very nice lecturer as she always gives us advice and motivation. My target for this subject is A.

6) BAB 101
This is my first time I learn Arabic and after couple of month I learn it, I found that this subject is actually quite easy. I just pass the listening, spelling, reading and speaking test. Thank God because I have done it quite well. I hope I can score Ain this subject.

7) HBU 134
I have been taken this subject of co-curriculum for 3 semesters including this semester and finally I have already finish study this subject. I hope I can get A for this subject.

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