Tuesday, April 6, 2010


1) BEL 311
BEL 311 is quite tough because it is really different from BEL 120 and BEL 260 that I have learned before. We need to do term-paper. This is the different and new from what I have learned from the previous semester. So far, it is quite good. Sir Izuan is the lecturer who teaches us BEL 311. He actually has been teaching us for two semesters. For about two semester been teach with him I think he is the best lecturer to teach us BEL 311. Hopefully, I can score A for this subject.

2) CTU 241
CTU 241 is related to the basis system of Islamic economic. I learned more about Islamic economic in this subject. Before this I learned economic in conventional perspective in economic subject. The way my lecturer teaches is good. I have fun in her class because she always does a game before she starts her lecture. I just got the test 1 mark and it is quite good. I hope I can get A in the final soon.

3) ECO 211
ECO 211 is also known as Macroeconomics. This subject is a reading subject. I need to read more in order to score in the final. I just got quite ok in test 1. About the lecturer, she is a sporting lecturer. She always gives us quiz and sometime pop quiz. I also target A for this subject.

4) FIN 262
FIN 262 is about theory and also calculation. This subject is very interesting actually. I need to understand and memorize all the theory and formulae to answer the question. Although it looks like simple but I still nervous to sit this paper because it carry 4 credit hours. I just got B in test 1. I need study more in this subject. The lecturer is also sporting. The way she teaches is good. I hope I can get A in the final.

5) QMT 216
This subject introduces the basic statistical concept in business applications. This subject is easy actually if we remember all the formulae. As for now, I just got moderate result in test 1. I hope I can score high mark in test2 and final soon. She is very nice lecturer as she always gives us advice and motivation. My target for this subject is A.

6) BAB 101
This is my first time I learn Arabic and after couple of month I learn it, I found that this subject is actually quite easy. I just pass the listening, spelling, reading and speaking test. Thank God because I have done it quite well. I hope I can score Ain this subject.

7) HBU 134
I have been taken this subject of co-curriculum for 3 semesters including this semester and finally I have already finish study this subject. I hope I can get A for this subject.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

First day in UiTM

I still remember this date, December 26, 2008. That was my very first day in UiTM. I feel so happy when I first entered to the front gate of UiTM Segamat. That is mean I have reach to UiTM and I am going to be a university student. Hehe… After that I have been given a college and I got to stay in sector B which is familiar with the name princess college. My college name is Zamrud, one of the princess college. I love this college because of the theme colour is same with my favourite colour which is PINK. =)
After registered the college, I got room number Z 115 C which is at the front block. Front block means one room just for two people. My roommate was a Part 6 student. Her name is Nur Hafizah and the best thing is my course is same with me which is Diploma in Banking. Back to the story, after I entered the room and packing all my things into the cupboard, I went to the town with my family to have lunch. Then, I went back to UiTM at 3.30 o’clock and the activity was started at 4 o’clock. I have gathered together with other Part 1 students to go to mosque. I have met Nur Izzah here. She is the first person I met at UiTM Segamat. Then, we walked to the mosque. We are actually not walking but running because our facilitators said we have late even though we are actually not. Huhu…=(
After prayer, we ran again to go to the dining and having a dinner. They just give us three minutes to eat and then we have to run back to the mosque to prayers and listen to a talk until 11 pm. After that, we gathered again and the facilitators give a briefing about the next day activities. We have dismissed to go back to the room at 1 am. I fell so exhausted and just sleep after I am taking my bath. That is all my experience in the first day in UiTM. There is nothing else to story because my first day in UiTM have moving so fast.

Monday, March 22, 2010

10 ThiNgS In My HaNdBaG...

Wallet is the main things that must be in my handbag. In the wallet must have my identity card, bank card and of course money. As for me, wallet is very important in my handbag because it is the point for me to shop. How can I go to shop without wallet? Oh, yes but just window shopping. Hehe…

I think handphone is one of the compulsory things that should be in the handbag. As it for me carrying handbag with no handphone on it is like brushing teeth without toothpaste. It is because handphone is a thing that people really need in order to face the activity for daily life.

3. MP3
I will make sure that my MP3 is in my handbag before I hang out especially when I want to have a long journey. Can you imagine a journey or travel without music? It is such a boring activity right? As for me, I prefer to hear music as it can make me feel calm and happy.

I love to take pictures (now). Everywhere I go I will bring my digital camera especially when I go to a memorable place. Before this I actually don’t like to take pictures. I only addicted to take pictures when I have my very own digital camera. Hehe…

I prefer to just have my one drop perfume in my handbag. I think it is appropriate to have it in the handbag. This is because of its characteristics which are small, portable and of course have a nice smell. Because of its characters too, make it in my top 10 things that compulsory in my handbag. Hehe…

Hand lotion is also one of the necessary things in my handbag as it makes my hand keep moisture. It is actually my habit to put my hand on lotion for more than four times a day. That is why I really need hand lotion in my handbag.

Have you notice that global warming is become worst from day to day. Due to this current weather condition, I always carry along the wet tissue as it can keep me away from facing dry skin problem.

As the function of my handphone is not that good, I require having a small diary in my handbag. It is important to me because I usually use this small diary as a reminder. I will put the entire reminder in the small diary which I bring it along everywhere I go.

It is like a root to my life because I am a girl who is really easy to get both headache and stomach-ache. I always make sure that this medicated oil is in my handbag because both pains can attack me at anytime. Huhu…

If you notice, before this I have already mention that I don’t like to put on make up. Yes, it is true. I just like to have it in my handbag even though I never use it. Hehee….

Monday, March 8, 2010



Air pollution has always been with us. I really hate this as it can kill us as a human and also kill many organisms. There are a lot of diseases that we can get from pollution such as respiratory disease, cardiovascular disease, throat inflammation and others chronic disease. I hate this because it makes me feel unsafe and worry to be affected of pollution but I think everyone in the world was already affected by the global warming which is one of the effects of pollution.


I am not said that I hate chicken but I hate to have a chicken as a pet. This is starting from I have been attack by a chicken since I was 5 years old. I still remember how scare I was at that time. The chicken was run after me until I felt tired to run away from it and then I stopped running and the chicken was pecking me. I can’t do anything than crying. Right after that my mom chases that chicken. After that moment, I really hate to have chicken as a pet.


This is the most things that I hate. I have an experience where I have to eat 13 tablets of medicine at one time twice a day and the result is still remain the same. I still need to refer to the doctor for every month and the doctor will give me the same medicine but I stop to do this for one and a half years ago as it not give a good respond to me. Right now I am in the process to seek a traditional medicine. Who knows, maybe it can help me to recover back.


I hate smoker but I love the smell of smoke. I just like the smell but not too addicted to that smell. I will try to avoid myself from smelling that smell as well as I can but if it is still comes to me what can I do? Sounds like I did not hate smoker right? I actually don’t mind they want to smoke but I really hate if they don’t respect to the people around them. They should smoke at the places which not have any people there so that everybody near them did not smell the smoke as it give bad impact to the people as well as the smoker itself.


I really hate to corporate with the bossy people. Usually people like this want the perfect job to be done without thinking anyone else in his/her group and of course he/she is the leader in the group. He/she just want everybody to follow his/her words. The result is all the group members can’t give their opinions. A good leader is a leader who is together with the group members finish the job or assignment and give chance to the group member to overview their opinion. This is how a perfect job will be done not by being a bossy people.


In the global warming condition that we faced everyday now, thankful god if it is been raining for everyday cause it can make us feel cooler. So, what is the point I hate raining? The point here is I hate raining if I just done washing my cloths and then suddenly rain fall. Can you feel how disappointed am I? I feel like I want to loudly screaming this word, “oh no!! I really hate this!!”


I specific this to the way a guy gives treat towards women. Guy should show their gentle attitude towards women. I hate guys who are not respect to woman especially to their mother. I really hate this kind of person. I also hate a man who like to abuse women and children as it just bring down their dignity as a man. As a man they should protect women.


Sleeping is actually one of my favourite activities but I hate over sleep. This is because it makes me feel very tired and sometimes emotional but as for now not anymore. Why? Because I really hard to get sleep after I got the cervical disc disorder a few years ago. Sometimes I feel jealous and hate to the people who are easy to sleep. Moral of the story, just appreciate your sleep time. Hehe…


I love to learn about make up. I also love to make up people but I hate to put on make up on myself. I think it is not necessary as it is take times to remover. I only want to put on make up on my wedding day. Hehe…


To me, dirty food stall is the symbol of bad hygiene. Let’s say if u goes to buy food and then at the same time you see the seller got a long nail. Do you still get an appetite to buy that food? If it goes to me, I will not buy that food because it can give many bad impacts to me such as food poisoning, diarrhoea and others. So, if you want to buy foods, please make sure that the place is in a good and clean condition.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Top 10 Wish List

Dear god, listen to my heart wishes :-

1.Great healthiness –as I mention before on my previous entry, I suffer a cervical disorder which it make my life up side down with the non-stop pain all the time. So that I wish and pray that this pain will go away as soon as possible because I don’t want to through all this pain until the end of my life. Therefore, I pray to dear Allah to take away all the pain that I suffer for the past couple of years and grant me and my family a healthy physical condition until end of our lifetime.

2.Graduate on time. We as a human can only sketch our future, but only god have the power to execute it. Same goes to me I can only plan and pray that all my plan will goes well. Part of the list is to graduate my diploma level right on the track. Hopefully I’ll finish my diploma level on time and going to convocation day together with my entire course and class mate.

3.Send my beloved Mak and Abah to Mekkah for Haji. It’s been my dream and wish to carry out my duties as a daughter to En Jaafar and Pn. Rohaya as good as I can. Thus, a lot of thing I want to do for them since they are the light of my life. I want to make them happy and fulfill their dream which is perform haji in Mekkah. God willing I’ll save some money so that I can fulfill this wish with my own salary and saving after few years I start working. Insyallah.

4.Solid Career. Everybody in this world dream to become a great person got a great job and career and bright future. Same goes to me, I dream to become an educator, it can be a teacher or lecturer. I want to share my knowledge with others and at the same time educate my own race to stay competence in this fast moving world. A solid career can give a guarantee for secure and prosperous future for me and my family.

5.Get Married. Future planning is most important element for everyone, as for me I’m planning in 4 – 5 years time I’ll get married with the love of my life “MR”. I want to start my own family on the age of 25th after I’ve got enough saving and a solid career life. It’s important to stable own life and after that considering of building my own family.

6.Cute children. Of course for every married couple dream to have a kids and raise them together. After getting married I plan to have 3 kids with my beloved husband. I want 2 boys and 1 flower (girl). I want to have a small and harmony family which has a strong bond with each other.

7.Open my own boutique shop. It’s been my dream since I was in high school. I dream to have my own cloth labeling. Which my business will focus on producing different style and design of ‘Baju Kurung’. Previously I’ve taken several sewing classes and attend several workshops just to learn more on sewing courses.

8.Round the world. I want to travel around the world with my family. Spent most of time with my family is the best thing in my life. After working hard to generate income for me and my family it’s time to take some time to go on some vacation, destination that I prefer would be all European country. However, before traveling to outside country I would like to explore my country first of course Malaysia which been known as “Malaysia Truly Asia”.

9.Learn to play drum and piano. Since my “MR X” patience is on guitar, I want to learn how to play a drum and piano so that one sweet day me and my “MR X” can seat down together create a new songs for us. How sweet is that? Well it’s just part of my wish list. Weather it’ll become true or not only god know about it.


Special thank to Farah Raihana for her willingness editing my blog content :)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

My classmates (D3D1)

Hello... Today I want to share a little bit about my classmates in D3D1. Start from the first one which is Roslaili. Her nickname is Lili. She is quite silence but clever. She comes from Segamat. One thing that I know about her is she would not ever missed to go back home every weekend if she is free. Heehee...

The second one is Shahirah. She is talkative person and likes to smile. Every time I see her, she always smiles. It is very hard to see her sad or even crying because she is very cheerful girl.

The third is Zulaikha. All my friends call her ‘Kecik’. I don’t know why they call her with that name because I think she is not that small person. This semester she likes to put on make up. Maybe she wants to change her personality. I guess. Haha... Is it true Zulaikha? Sorry, just kidding. As I know her, she is really active in the class and also in association. She is one of the exco in Diploma in Banking Association (DIBA).

Next is Noorisma. Her nickname is Isma. She comes from Muar, Johor. She is a very simple and easy going person. She likes to make jokes with us. She is also quite active in the class.

The fifth is Kak Azlina. She is a thin girl. At first, I thought she is a silence person but after knowing her I think she is very friendly. She is happy go lucky and cheerful person.

The sixth is Erin Nor Syafika. Her nickname is Erin. She is quite silence but friendly. She likes pink colour as same as me. She is simple and kind person.

The seventh is Nabila Izzati. Her nickname is Nabil. Nabil is also a thin person like Kak Azlina as well. She comes from Muar, Johor. She is a good friend of Isma and Mon. She is also a friendly person as Kak Azlina and Isma.

Who was the number eight? She is Baizura. We call her Zura. She is a very kind person. She is same with Isma which is a very simple person.

The ninth is Ezza Fateen Fareezza. Such a long and sweet name right? I call her Ezza. She is tall and stylish. She also likes shopping. She has bought 4 pair of shoes for this semester. Maybe I can categorize her as a shopaholic. Hehe..

Next person is Nurul Adilah. People call her Dila. She is a confident person and likes to overview her opinion to others. She comes from Muar.

Number 11th is Nurraishah as known as Sha. She is a very kind and nice girl. She can be say an easy going girl as she can get along with everyone. I start knowing and being her friend since last semester. I really love to have a friend like her. =)

Number 12th is Nour Jannah or Jannah. She is nice and independent girl even though she is quite pamper. Hehe.. She is also friendly person because she is easy to get along with other people same with Sha.

Number 13th is Syakira or can be known as Iya is a petite girl. I think she is cute and I like to hear her presentation because I can hear it clearly. Huhu..

Next is Misnahaini or Mis is Iya’s best friend. They always do everything together especially group assignment.

Number 15th is Amalina. She is also known as Mon. She is cute with a small body size. She is also quite cheerful in the class.

Proceed to the number 16th is Kak Haziyah and also known as Kak Azie. She is another cute girl in my class. She is very active in the class. I have just notice that during this semester because she is not that active compared to last semester. She is one of the exco in Diploma in Banking Association (DIBA).

Number 17th is Diana Isha. She is kind person. Sometimes, she can be a strict person too but at the same time she likes to make jokes with her friends. She is such a nice to be friends.

Number 18th is Hidayah. Her characters are simple and easy going. It is easy to cooperate with her especially in doing an assignment. She is very friendly and kind. I just being her friend since last semester and I feel that I am easy going with her.

Number 19th is Fatihah also known as Atin. She is tall like a model I guess. She is good in study and likes to share her knowledge with us. She is simple and nice girl.

Number 20th is Ramizah. I call her Miza. She is likes my other friends which is good in study. I found that she is easy to cooperate in doing assignment or anything else because of her friendly character.

Who is number 21st? That is me. I think who has read my blog should know who am I right?

Next is Noor El-Lena Aqmal. I like her name because it is sweet nice to pronounce. Hehe.. She is cheerful and friendly person. I have being her friend since we are in part 1 until now and we are also in the same class.

The last person is Izzati. She is very simple person and easy to cooperate. She got a nice smile with her small eyes. She is easy to get along with others and it is nice to be her friend.

These are a little bit about my classmate, D3D1 for this semester. We are actually got almost the same characters. That is why we are close to each other. Love you all. =)

Sunday, February 14, 2010


February 14. What is the secret of this date? Why do people celebrate this day? February 14 is actually a Valentine’s Day. Some people declare that February is a month of romance. Why the day called Valentine’s Day? There is a history about this day.
According to the history that I have read, Valentine is taken from the name of Saint Valentine. The question is who is Saint Valentine? He is a priest who served during the third century in Rome. He was the man who realizing the injustice of the decree, defied Claudius and continued to perform marriages for young lovers in secret. When Valentine's actions were revealed, Claudius ordered that he be put to death but there is also other stories suggest that Valentine have been killed when he try to help Christians escape harsh Roman prisons where they were often beaten and tortured.
According to the other legend, Valentine sent the first ‘valentine’ greeting himself. While in the prison, Valentine fell in love with a young girl who is visiting him in the prison. It is also been believed that he has wrote her a letter before he death. The letter signed ‘From your Valentine’. It is actually an expression which is still in use until today. Some people believe that Valentine's Day is celebrated in the middle of February to memorialize the anniversary of Valentine's death.
In Rome, February is considered as a time for purification. They will do a ritually cleansed for their house by sweeping and sprinkling salt and a type of wheat called spelt throughout the interiors.
That is all the summarizing of what I have been read about the history of Valentine’s Day. There are so many kinds of way that people do to celebrate this day. Whatever it is, back to our religion we are not suppose to celebrate this day as it is especially for Christians and also can ruin our faith.