Monday, March 22, 2010

10 ThiNgS In My HaNdBaG...

Wallet is the main things that must be in my handbag. In the wallet must have my identity card, bank card and of course money. As for me, wallet is very important in my handbag because it is the point for me to shop. How can I go to shop without wallet? Oh, yes but just window shopping. Hehe…

I think handphone is one of the compulsory things that should be in the handbag. As it for me carrying handbag with no handphone on it is like brushing teeth without toothpaste. It is because handphone is a thing that people really need in order to face the activity for daily life.

3. MP3
I will make sure that my MP3 is in my handbag before I hang out especially when I want to have a long journey. Can you imagine a journey or travel without music? It is such a boring activity right? As for me, I prefer to hear music as it can make me feel calm and happy.

I love to take pictures (now). Everywhere I go I will bring my digital camera especially when I go to a memorable place. Before this I actually don’t like to take pictures. I only addicted to take pictures when I have my very own digital camera. Hehe…

I prefer to just have my one drop perfume in my handbag. I think it is appropriate to have it in the handbag. This is because of its characteristics which are small, portable and of course have a nice smell. Because of its characters too, make it in my top 10 things that compulsory in my handbag. Hehe…

Hand lotion is also one of the necessary things in my handbag as it makes my hand keep moisture. It is actually my habit to put my hand on lotion for more than four times a day. That is why I really need hand lotion in my handbag.

Have you notice that global warming is become worst from day to day. Due to this current weather condition, I always carry along the wet tissue as it can keep me away from facing dry skin problem.

As the function of my handphone is not that good, I require having a small diary in my handbag. It is important to me because I usually use this small diary as a reminder. I will put the entire reminder in the small diary which I bring it along everywhere I go.

It is like a root to my life because I am a girl who is really easy to get both headache and stomach-ache. I always make sure that this medicated oil is in my handbag because both pains can attack me at anytime. Huhu…

If you notice, before this I have already mention that I don’t like to put on make up. Yes, it is true. I just like to have it in my handbag even though I never use it. Hehee….

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