Monday, March 8, 2010



Air pollution has always been with us. I really hate this as it can kill us as a human and also kill many organisms. There are a lot of diseases that we can get from pollution such as respiratory disease, cardiovascular disease, throat inflammation and others chronic disease. I hate this because it makes me feel unsafe and worry to be affected of pollution but I think everyone in the world was already affected by the global warming which is one of the effects of pollution.


I am not said that I hate chicken but I hate to have a chicken as a pet. This is starting from I have been attack by a chicken since I was 5 years old. I still remember how scare I was at that time. The chicken was run after me until I felt tired to run away from it and then I stopped running and the chicken was pecking me. I can’t do anything than crying. Right after that my mom chases that chicken. After that moment, I really hate to have chicken as a pet.


This is the most things that I hate. I have an experience where I have to eat 13 tablets of medicine at one time twice a day and the result is still remain the same. I still need to refer to the doctor for every month and the doctor will give me the same medicine but I stop to do this for one and a half years ago as it not give a good respond to me. Right now I am in the process to seek a traditional medicine. Who knows, maybe it can help me to recover back.


I hate smoker but I love the smell of smoke. I just like the smell but not too addicted to that smell. I will try to avoid myself from smelling that smell as well as I can but if it is still comes to me what can I do? Sounds like I did not hate smoker right? I actually don’t mind they want to smoke but I really hate if they don’t respect to the people around them. They should smoke at the places which not have any people there so that everybody near them did not smell the smoke as it give bad impact to the people as well as the smoker itself.


I really hate to corporate with the bossy people. Usually people like this want the perfect job to be done without thinking anyone else in his/her group and of course he/she is the leader in the group. He/she just want everybody to follow his/her words. The result is all the group members can’t give their opinions. A good leader is a leader who is together with the group members finish the job or assignment and give chance to the group member to overview their opinion. This is how a perfect job will be done not by being a bossy people.


In the global warming condition that we faced everyday now, thankful god if it is been raining for everyday cause it can make us feel cooler. So, what is the point I hate raining? The point here is I hate raining if I just done washing my cloths and then suddenly rain fall. Can you feel how disappointed am I? I feel like I want to loudly screaming this word, “oh no!! I really hate this!!”


I specific this to the way a guy gives treat towards women. Guy should show their gentle attitude towards women. I hate guys who are not respect to woman especially to their mother. I really hate this kind of person. I also hate a man who like to abuse women and children as it just bring down their dignity as a man. As a man they should protect women.


Sleeping is actually one of my favourite activities but I hate over sleep. This is because it makes me feel very tired and sometimes emotional but as for now not anymore. Why? Because I really hard to get sleep after I got the cervical disc disorder a few years ago. Sometimes I feel jealous and hate to the people who are easy to sleep. Moral of the story, just appreciate your sleep time. Hehe…


I love to learn about make up. I also love to make up people but I hate to put on make up on myself. I think it is not necessary as it is take times to remover. I only want to put on make up on my wedding day. Hehe…


To me, dirty food stall is the symbol of bad hygiene. Let’s say if u goes to buy food and then at the same time you see the seller got a long nail. Do you still get an appetite to buy that food? If it goes to me, I will not buy that food because it can give many bad impacts to me such as food poisoning, diarrhoea and others. So, if you want to buy foods, please make sure that the place is in a good and clean condition.

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