Sunday, February 28, 2010

Top 10 Wish List

Dear god, listen to my heart wishes :-

1.Great healthiness –as I mention before on my previous entry, I suffer a cervical disorder which it make my life up side down with the non-stop pain all the time. So that I wish and pray that this pain will go away as soon as possible because I don’t want to through all this pain until the end of my life. Therefore, I pray to dear Allah to take away all the pain that I suffer for the past couple of years and grant me and my family a healthy physical condition until end of our lifetime.

2.Graduate on time. We as a human can only sketch our future, but only god have the power to execute it. Same goes to me I can only plan and pray that all my plan will goes well. Part of the list is to graduate my diploma level right on the track. Hopefully I’ll finish my diploma level on time and going to convocation day together with my entire course and class mate.

3.Send my beloved Mak and Abah to Mekkah for Haji. It’s been my dream and wish to carry out my duties as a daughter to En Jaafar and Pn. Rohaya as good as I can. Thus, a lot of thing I want to do for them since they are the light of my life. I want to make them happy and fulfill their dream which is perform haji in Mekkah. God willing I’ll save some money so that I can fulfill this wish with my own salary and saving after few years I start working. Insyallah.

4.Solid Career. Everybody in this world dream to become a great person got a great job and career and bright future. Same goes to me, I dream to become an educator, it can be a teacher or lecturer. I want to share my knowledge with others and at the same time educate my own race to stay competence in this fast moving world. A solid career can give a guarantee for secure and prosperous future for me and my family.

5.Get Married. Future planning is most important element for everyone, as for me I’m planning in 4 – 5 years time I’ll get married with the love of my life “MR”. I want to start my own family on the age of 25th after I’ve got enough saving and a solid career life. It’s important to stable own life and after that considering of building my own family.

6.Cute children. Of course for every married couple dream to have a kids and raise them together. After getting married I plan to have 3 kids with my beloved husband. I want 2 boys and 1 flower (girl). I want to have a small and harmony family which has a strong bond with each other.

7.Open my own boutique shop. It’s been my dream since I was in high school. I dream to have my own cloth labeling. Which my business will focus on producing different style and design of ‘Baju Kurung’. Previously I’ve taken several sewing classes and attend several workshops just to learn more on sewing courses.

8.Round the world. I want to travel around the world with my family. Spent most of time with my family is the best thing in my life. After working hard to generate income for me and my family it’s time to take some time to go on some vacation, destination that I prefer would be all European country. However, before traveling to outside country I would like to explore my country first of course Malaysia which been known as “Malaysia Truly Asia”.

9.Learn to play drum and piano. Since my “MR X” patience is on guitar, I want to learn how to play a drum and piano so that one sweet day me and my “MR X” can seat down together create a new songs for us. How sweet is that? Well it’s just part of my wish list. Weather it’ll become true or not only god know about it.


Special thank to Farah Raihana for her willingness editing my blog content :)

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