Tuesday, February 9, 2010

L.O.V.E .... Amour.....

L.O.V.E is four letters. Love is subjective. Love is a feeling, pure and passion. It is a natural feeling that having in living things. Love can be heaven, health, career, money and so many more. There is no exact word to describe love. As for now, I just want to describe love in term of relationships which are love between human and the creator, love between human and human, love between human and animal and love between human and nature.

First, love between human and the creator. The ultimate love is love to our creator that is Allah SWT. We have to love our creator first before any other things. As a Muslim, we should obey the rules of Islam to show our love to Allah SWT.

Second, love between human and human. Love between human and human can be a feeling between family, friends and also between a couple. I trust that every normal person must have this feeling right? It is actually a normal feeling among human being. There is nothing wrong if you falling in love or loving people as long as you can control yourself not too much in loving someone. This is because, sometimes love maybe can hurt yourself later. We have to love ourselves first before we love someone else. Do not let the feeling conquer yourself and ruin your life. There are many cases outside there that their life ruins just because of love. How sad is it?

Next is love between human and animal. I am sure that everybody must have at least one favourite pet right? As for me, I love tortoise. I think tortoise is a cute animal. =) Animal is actually can be our friend and also can be a good listener. Animal can help us to reduce stress too. We should show the love between animal as it is also a living things and give a lot of benefits to us.

The last one is about love between human and nature. I am proud to a Malaysian. Why? Malaysia has a very good nature. We live in peace and also can have fresh air compared to other countries. As a citizen, we should keep our nature in a good condition. This is all for our own good. Can you imagine how could you live in a country like Indonesia which always got a nature disaster? I do not think that I can live in a country like that. That is why I said I am proud to be Malaysian. Are you?

Life is going so bad without love. Every thing will be done so smooth with the combination of love. If love is like a flower, I want to have all the flowers in this world. So, just let yourself falling in love because love is such a nice feeling to have. =)

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