Saturday, January 30, 2010

10 facts about me

Hello my friends. =) How are you today? I hope you are in a pink of health. Pink? There is something that I want to share with you all about this lovely colour. Why? Let’s read more if you want to know why. Hehe.. Well, today I actually want to share with you all 10 facts about myself. What are they?

The first fact about me is I am a girl who is really love pink and chocolate. I love pink since I was young. If I am not mistaken, my mother had told me that I was influence in pink colour since I knew about colour. I am 2 years old at that time. Now I am almost 20. That means I am almost 18 years love pink. Hm, quite a long time I guess. Well, I am glad to say that almost every my personal things are come in pink colour. =) You know what, if I want to buy something, my first choice must be in pink colour unless there is no pink colour for that thing, then I will choose other colours. If not I will feel guilty. This is because I feel like the pink colour keeps calling me to buy them. Haha.. Let’s talk about chocolate now. My first favourite chocolate is Toblerone and the second is Cadbury but I do not really care about the brand as long as it is a chocolate and nice to eat. I think almost all the girls in the world love chocolate as it is delicious and good for health.

The second fact about me is I am interested in number 18 and balloon. Why number 18? Because not number 1,2,3,4 or else. Hehe…=P I like number 18 because it looks so cute. I start like this number since I was in form 4. It is something like compulsory to have number 18 in everything that I think it is suitable to put this sweet number. Even my pen drive I rename it as Huda18. Hehe.. I also love balloon especially in pink colour. I have a story to share here. One day, I went to KFC. The staff gave balloon to the children as a present during the KFC’s anniversary. I have requested one of the balloons from the staff but he staff said that it just for the children. I really want the balloons so I pretend to be sad and the staff captivated and then she gave me one of the white balloons. Hehe. Maybe I can be a good actress. Hehee..

The third fact about me is I like teddy bear. My beloved person has given me one cute pink teddy bear. I never have a teddy bear before even though I like teddy bear very much. That was the first teddy that I ever have. I will hug the teddy bear when I am on call with him. Here. I also hug the teddy bear every night before I sleep until I sleep because I can sleep without my cute pink teddy bear. Huhu.. Thanks a lot my dear.

The fourth fact about me is I have a big and nice family. I have a sporting parent with 9 siblings, 2 sisters in law, 2 nephews and 1 niece. As I said in my first entry in this blog, we are very close to each other. I cannot wait to have a week holiday with my family during this coming Chinese New Year because I just got a new nephew named Muhamad Haziq. Welcome to our big family Muhamad Haziq. =)

Proceed to the fifth fact about me. Guess what? Hm, I have sewing skill. I have learned sewing after SPM for about 3 month. I actually do not like sewing at first but after I finish sewing my very first ‘baju kurung’ I suddenly love to sew. Hehe.. As for now, I can sew ‘baju kurung’, ‘baju kurung Pahang’, and ‘baju Melayu’. Who want to make a cloth just contact me. =)

Now I want to tell you the sixth fact about me. I got a cervical disc disorder since I was in form 5. I was fall down from the chair because of my friend. He pulls my chair when I want to sit. At that time, I was in standard 4 and there is no effect to me yet. When I was in form 5, I start feel the effect. I did a treatment once a month at Kuantan Medical Centre (KMC). After form 5, I was warded for a detail treatment for about 2 weeks but still not fully recover yet. After that, I was holding up the treatment for a while as a certain reason that cannot be avoided. Truly said that I really suffer got this affection and at the same time really thankful to Allah SWT because this affection make me be courageous. Hopefully I can further back my treatment this coming Chinese New Year holiday. Moral of the story, if you want to play around with your friends, don’t you ever do such a stupid thing as my friend does to me.

The seventh fact about me is sensitive. I am really easy to cry even if I get a simple problem, it can make me cry. I do not know why but crying can make me feel calmer. Hehe..

The eighth fact about me is I am a person who a really crazy in music. Hehe..
I bought my very first MP4 cost RM150 when I was in form 4. I bought it with my own money. The MP4 was broken when I was in part 1 diploma. Huhu.. I was very sad that day because that was my first thing that I bought with my own money. When I was in part 2, I bought a laptop and I start collect back all the song that I have been collects before.

The ninth fact about me is I never comb my hair. Haha.. Sounds like crazy but that is truly me. Maybe you will think that this is a bad habit for a girl I guess but I do not think so. I am not really ever combing my hair but I think I just can count how many time I comb my hair in a year. Hehe.. Do not be jealous, all my wing mates and my friends are always say this to me,” Huda, you got such a beautiful hair.” I just smile and said, “thank you, I actually never comb my hair.” All of them seem not to believe what I have said. Even though I did not comb my hair, I still take a good care of my hair.

Last fact about me is I like to wash and fold my cloth whenever I feel stress. This is because when I wash and fold my cloth, I feel so good and it makes me reduce the stress easily. Maybe you can try this at home. Hehe
Those are 10 facts about me and it is really facts. Hehe.. Oh wait, before you go, could you please answer my simple question?

How can you describe about my personality?
1) Happy go lucky
2) Courageous
3) Weird
4) Simple

Thank you for your reading. Bye.. =)

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