Saturday, January 23, 2010

my roommate

Farah Raihana Binti Haji Ismail that is her name. Before this I never know about her. Suddenly arrange by fate she become my roommate. People who know her called her Farah. As for me I called her Kak Farah. Let’s talk about her background. s Kak Farah was born on 17th June 1987 at Hospital Perempuan Jamal Kuala Lumpur and she always told me that she’s proud to be a pure born at Kuala Lumpur. She had 5 siblings, 2 boys and 3 girls. She’s the forth one. Her daddy name is Haji Ismail Bin Yusof and his origin from Wakaf Baharu Kelantan. Her mommy is Junaidah Binti Hasim and her origin from Bagan Dato’ Perak. Kak Farah daddy is a pensioner from Tabung Haji and as for her mother she’s currently working at Custom Malaysia in Putrajaya.

Well that is briefly story about her family background. Now let’s talk about Kak Farah itself, what her hobby, what she likes and other stuff. Hahahhaha. Hmm let begin with her favourite food and drink. As for her she loves to eat “Nasi goreng” and drink mineral water. She spends most of free time listening to music, watching movies and surfing the internet. She loves Facebook so much. Both of us had a lot of in common like both of us love English music and movie. Well it doesn’t mean we hate Malay songs or movies but most of time we much prefer English genre rather than Malay genre. Since then we always exchange songs or movies. It’s interesting stuff to do with her. Currently in her note book she already collected to almost 1000 songs. So for anyone who wants the song just comes to us and we will entertain you. Hahahahah….. Kak Farah favourite colours are red, black and purple. As far as I know her until today I discover that business wasn’t her first choice, she said she love law and she want to become a lawyer but things not always happen like the way plan. Then right now her aims or ambition is to become one of successful leader. She wants to become a CEO for multinational company. I pray that your dream will come true. Amin…

Well that is part of herself… as for her academic background she were former Diploma in Business Study in UiTM Segamat back in year 2005 – 2008. Then she been offer to further her studies at degree level at UiTM Segamat in year 2008 taking Business Admin Majoring in marketing or known as BBA(Hons.) Marketing and currently she’s in Semester 5. She was an active student since at diploma level. Back in diploma in semester 2 she actively involve with Diploma in Business Society (DBS Society) as a special force exco. Then in part 3 she been elected as Zamrud College Secretary for a year. In part 5 she been assign to replace a vice president of DBS Society. She is a workaholic person. At degree level in part 3 she join the marketing society for a while until in semester 4 she been choose to represent a marketing course in UiTM Segamat student council (MPP) as a vice president in 2009/2010.

Huh…. Feel tired mumbling about her. But she’s worth it to know and she’s a happy go lucky person. That is her character always optimist in everything she do. That is my senior and the best part it she’s my roommate. Oh wait.. I almost forget to tell you guys where I stay. hahahahha.. My room is in Zamrud 002C. If anyone wants to come and join us chit chat please yourself to come. It will be fun. Well that is all about my roommate. Yeah that is her. “Farah Raihana Ismail”

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