Friday, January 15, 2010

My subjects for this semester.

Hi everybody. =) today I am going to share with you all about my subjects for this semester. For your information, I am in Part 3 this semester at UiTM Segamat, Johor. I think the subjects for this semester are quite tough and I have to take 7 subjects including co-curriculum.

The first subject is BEL 311. BEL 311 is stand for English for Academic Purposes. Sir Izuan is the lecturer who teaches us BEL 311. He actually has been teaches us for two semester. He is a strict lecturer but everything that he does is just for our own good. BEL 311 is quite tough because it is really different from BEL 120 and BEL 260 that I have learned before. Writing this blog is actually a part of an assignment of this subject. I will now explain about the assessment of this subject. 30% is represent for the term-paper, 20% is represent for speaking, 10% is represent for attendance and 40% is represent for final examination. This subject is 3 credit hours and 6 contact hours. Hopefully, I can score A for this subject.

The second subject is CTU 241. CTU 241 is stand for Fundamental of Islamic Economic. The name of lecturer who teaches us this subject is ‘Ustazah Siti Aishah Binti Sokhibul Fadil. She is a new and young lecturer here who is a fresh graduate from Master level at UKM. CTU 241 is related to the basis system of Islamic economic. The assessments for this subject are: test (15%), assignment (15%), presentation (10%) and final (60%). We already have been given a topic for the assignment and also the presentation. Both task must be submit a couple of weeks from now. This subject carry 2 credit hours only and I target to get A for this subject.

The third subject is ECO 211. ECO 211 is also known as Macroeconomics. Macroeconomics is a pre- requisite subject of Microeconomics. The name of lecturer who teaches this subject is Miss Siti Nordiyana Binti Isahak. She is a sporting lecturer who came from Kelantan. She is also a new lecturer here. This course deals with the principles of macroeconomics and its application by examining economic variables such as the national income, inflation, unemployment and the money supply. This subject represents 3 credit hours and 4 contact hours. The assessments are: test 1 (10%), test 2(10%), quizzes (10%), assignment (10%) and final examination (60%). I also target A for this subject.

The fourth subject is FIN 262 which is Fundamental of Finance. The name of lecturer is Madam Nursaliza. She is also a sporting lecturer. FIN 262 is about theory and also calculation. This subject is related to Accounting, Economic, Management and Marketing. I have took those subjects during I am in Part 1 and Part 2. So, I think it is not that hard for me to understand this subject but I actually quite nervous too because this subject is 4 credit hours. It will affect my pointer if I do not perform well in the final. I have to keep study from now in order to achieve my target which is A. The assessments are: test 1 (15%), test 2 (5%), quizzes and assignments (5%), lecturer’s personal evaluation (5%) and final examination (60%).

The fifth subject is QMT 216. QMT 216 is Introduction to Statistics. The lecturer’s name is PM Ruhana Binti Zainuddin. She is the lecturer for Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Sciences at UiTM Johor. She is also a senior lecturer here. She is very nice lecturer as she act like a mother who always give us advice and motivation. This subject introduces the basic statistical concept in business applications. It is carry 3 credit hours. The assessments are: test 1 (10%), test 2 (10%), project (10%), assignment and quizzes (10%) and final examination (60%). I also target A for QMT 216 as same as the other subjects.

The sixth subject is BAB 101. BAB 101 is a third language which is university’s requirement that must be taken to student Part 3 and Part 4. BAB 101 is stand for Arabic. This is my first time I learn Arabic because I never learn this language before this even at primary and secondary school. So, it will be my new experience. This subject does not have a final paper. We just have to do the assessments which are: listening (10%), reading (10%), speaking (10%), mid-term (20%), spelling (10%), quizzes (10%) and grouping assignment (30%). My target for this subject is A as it carries 2 credit hours.

The last subject is HBU 134 which is Red Crescent. The name of lecturer is Sir Abdul Halim. He is good in attracting his student so that we will not feel sleepy during his lecture. I have been taken this subject of co-curriculum for 3 semesters including this semester. HBU 134 will represent only 1 credit hour. I hope I can get A for this subject.

That is all 7 subjects that I take for this semester. Hopefully I can score my entire target for all the subjects during the final examination. =)

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