Sunday, February 21, 2010

My classmates (D3D1)

Hello... Today I want to share a little bit about my classmates in D3D1. Start from the first one which is Roslaili. Her nickname is Lili. She is quite silence but clever. She comes from Segamat. One thing that I know about her is she would not ever missed to go back home every weekend if she is free. Heehee...

The second one is Shahirah. She is talkative person and likes to smile. Every time I see her, she always smiles. It is very hard to see her sad or even crying because she is very cheerful girl.

The third is Zulaikha. All my friends call her ‘Kecik’. I don’t know why they call her with that name because I think she is not that small person. This semester she likes to put on make up. Maybe she wants to change her personality. I guess. Haha... Is it true Zulaikha? Sorry, just kidding. As I know her, she is really active in the class and also in association. She is one of the exco in Diploma in Banking Association (DIBA).

Next is Noorisma. Her nickname is Isma. She comes from Muar, Johor. She is a very simple and easy going person. She likes to make jokes with us. She is also quite active in the class.

The fifth is Kak Azlina. She is a thin girl. At first, I thought she is a silence person but after knowing her I think she is very friendly. She is happy go lucky and cheerful person.

The sixth is Erin Nor Syafika. Her nickname is Erin. She is quite silence but friendly. She likes pink colour as same as me. She is simple and kind person.

The seventh is Nabila Izzati. Her nickname is Nabil. Nabil is also a thin person like Kak Azlina as well. She comes from Muar, Johor. She is a good friend of Isma and Mon. She is also a friendly person as Kak Azlina and Isma.

Who was the number eight? She is Baizura. We call her Zura. She is a very kind person. She is same with Isma which is a very simple person.

The ninth is Ezza Fateen Fareezza. Such a long and sweet name right? I call her Ezza. She is tall and stylish. She also likes shopping. She has bought 4 pair of shoes for this semester. Maybe I can categorize her as a shopaholic. Hehe..

Next person is Nurul Adilah. People call her Dila. She is a confident person and likes to overview her opinion to others. She comes from Muar.

Number 11th is Nurraishah as known as Sha. She is a very kind and nice girl. She can be say an easy going girl as she can get along with everyone. I start knowing and being her friend since last semester. I really love to have a friend like her. =)

Number 12th is Nour Jannah or Jannah. She is nice and independent girl even though she is quite pamper. Hehe.. She is also friendly person because she is easy to get along with other people same with Sha.

Number 13th is Syakira or can be known as Iya is a petite girl. I think she is cute and I like to hear her presentation because I can hear it clearly. Huhu..

Next is Misnahaini or Mis is Iya’s best friend. They always do everything together especially group assignment.

Number 15th is Amalina. She is also known as Mon. She is cute with a small body size. She is also quite cheerful in the class.

Proceed to the number 16th is Kak Haziyah and also known as Kak Azie. She is another cute girl in my class. She is very active in the class. I have just notice that during this semester because she is not that active compared to last semester. She is one of the exco in Diploma in Banking Association (DIBA).

Number 17th is Diana Isha. She is kind person. Sometimes, she can be a strict person too but at the same time she likes to make jokes with her friends. She is such a nice to be friends.

Number 18th is Hidayah. Her characters are simple and easy going. It is easy to cooperate with her especially in doing an assignment. She is very friendly and kind. I just being her friend since last semester and I feel that I am easy going with her.

Number 19th is Fatihah also known as Atin. She is tall like a model I guess. She is good in study and likes to share her knowledge with us. She is simple and nice girl.

Number 20th is Ramizah. I call her Miza. She is likes my other friends which is good in study. I found that she is easy to cooperate in doing assignment or anything else because of her friendly character.

Who is number 21st? That is me. I think who has read my blog should know who am I right?

Next is Noor El-Lena Aqmal. I like her name because it is sweet nice to pronounce. Hehe.. She is cheerful and friendly person. I have being her friend since we are in part 1 until now and we are also in the same class.

The last person is Izzati. She is very simple person and easy to cooperate. She got a nice smile with her small eyes. She is easy to get along with others and it is nice to be her friend.

These are a little bit about my classmate, D3D1 for this semester. We are actually got almost the same characters. That is why we are close to each other. Love you all. =)

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