Tuesday, March 30, 2010

First day in UiTM

I still remember this date, December 26, 2008. That was my very first day in UiTM. I feel so happy when I first entered to the front gate of UiTM Segamat. That is mean I have reach to UiTM and I am going to be a university student. Hehe… After that I have been given a college and I got to stay in sector B which is familiar with the name princess college. My college name is Zamrud, one of the princess college. I love this college because of the theme colour is same with my favourite colour which is PINK. =)
After registered the college, I got room number Z 115 C which is at the front block. Front block means one room just for two people. My roommate was a Part 6 student. Her name is Nur Hafizah and the best thing is my course is same with me which is Diploma in Banking. Back to the story, after I entered the room and packing all my things into the cupboard, I went to the town with my family to have lunch. Then, I went back to UiTM at 3.30 o’clock and the activity was started at 4 o’clock. I have gathered together with other Part 1 students to go to mosque. I have met Nur Izzah here. She is the first person I met at UiTM Segamat. Then, we walked to the mosque. We are actually not walking but running because our facilitators said we have late even though we are actually not. Huhu…=(
After prayer, we ran again to go to the dining and having a dinner. They just give us three minutes to eat and then we have to run back to the mosque to prayers and listen to a talk until 11 pm. After that, we gathered again and the facilitators give a briefing about the next day activities. We have dismissed to go back to the room at 1 am. I fell so exhausted and just sleep after I am taking my bath. That is all my experience in the first day in UiTM. There is nothing else to story because my first day in UiTM have moving so fast.

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